Working on Water in Whian Whian

Expanding Pouched Frog Habitat in the Rocky Creek Catchment

Whian Whian Landcare is embarking on a long-term plan to rehabilitate a 6.2 km stretch of Rocky Creek, which runs from its border with Nightcap National Park to the Whian Whian Falls. This Stage 1 project aims to expand the riparian zone across four properties, covering a total of 5 hectares, by controlling invasive weeds and increasing the diversity and resilience of native vegetation. This will support the expansion of subtropical rainforest, a valuable ecosystem, and provide crucial habitat for the NSW-listed threatened species Pouched Frog (Assa darlingtoni).

Rocky Creek is a perennial stream that originates from the World Heritage Listed Nightcap National Park and the Big Scrub Flora Reserve. The upper riparian zone of much of the creek is home to subtropical rainforest and has the potential to support lowland subtropical rainforest (an Endangered Ecological Community). However, the health of the existing native vegetation in this riparian corridor is under threat from invasive weeds such as Camphor Laurel, Lantana, and Small-leaved Privet. These weeds not only limit natural regeneration but also reduce valuable habitat for a range of fauna species, including the Pouched Frog, which is listed as threatened in NSW. Through this project, Whian Whian Landcare aims to improve the health of the riparian zone and enhance the resilience of the ecosystem as a whole.

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