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Richmond Landcare Incorporated

Richmond Landcare Incorporated (RLI) was established in 1998 to provide support for Landcare and sustainable agriculture across the Richmond River catchment. Its mission includes helping to form new groups, providing support for existing ones, and facilitating projects that contribute to natural resource management and sustainable agriculture.

Today, RLI remains a dedicated supporter of Landcare and the wider community, partnering with local environmental organizations and government agencies in the Richmond catchment to promote environmental conservation and sustainable practices.

We recognise that we live and work in a region that is unique in its biodiversity and we work to protect and enhance that biodiversity among all landowners. For more information on RLI go to the links listed below:

Click here to download the Model Constitution as it applies to Richmond Landcare Inc

Click here to download the Code of Conduct as it applies to Richmond Landcare Inc

Click here to download the Complaints Handling Policy as it applies to Richmond Landcare Inc

Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan

Richmond Landcare is committed to building respectful relationships with local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, organisations and stakeholders. We are proud to have our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) endorsed, which outlines our commitment to increasing cultural awareness and knowledge, promoting engagement strategies and building collaborative partnerships.

Our goal is to establish strong partnerships with the Traditional Owners of the Country on which we work and incorporate their knowledge of Country, including plant names, their uses and Aboriginal Land Management practices into our projects.


Click here to download Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan



All Landcare/Dunecare type groups in the Richmond Catchment are welcome to apply for group membership. 
Life Membership for $50 including GST.


President: Dr Hedy Bryant (Ballina Coastcare)
Vice President: Vacant
Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: Lyn Thomson (Bagot Park Landcare)
Public Officer: Big Rob (Lismore Lake Landcare)
Ordinary Member: Peter Biddles (SoilCare)
Ordinary Member: Jim Kinkead (Tregeagle Landcare)
Ordinary Member: Alan Larsen (Boatharbour Landcare)
Ordinary Member: Vacant
Ordinary Member: Vacant
Ordinary Member: Vacant


Executive Officer (Mon – Thurs) : Kathryn Kermode
Landcare Support Officer (Tues – Wed) : Emily Headlam
Project Officer (Mon – Wed) : Ivy Young

RLI Annual General Meeting 2024

When: TBC

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