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Flood Recovery & Resilience fact sheet

The Australian Geogides for Slope Management and Maintenace

Landslide fact sheet

Waterways in the Richmond Catchment

The Landholders Guide

The Landholders Guide to Looking After Waterways in the Richmond Catchment – This booklet aims to provide landholders in the Richmond catchment with practical guidelines for waterway management that seek to balance land use with resource protection. Get your free copy by downloading here or pick up from Rous County Council, North Coast Local Land Services or Richmond Landcare Inc.

Local Northern Rivers

Bush Regenerators & Native Nurseries

Looking for professional bush regenerator or native plant nursery in the Richmond catchment and nearby areas? 

We have compiled a list of local operators who come recommended by on-ground Landcarers. RLI does not endorse any business nor receive financial gain from this listing.

If you are a bush regenerator or native nursery and would like to be added to this list or update your details please contact us.

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First check and see if there to see if there are any existing groups in your area that you might like to join. If you can’t find a group to join, the New Group Starter Kit can be found here.

Landcare is a grass roots approach to land management and practical environmental knowledge sharing. There is a focus for protecting the most fundamental ingredient both of our natural environment and of our agricultural prosperity – our soil.

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