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Current Projects

Richmond Landcare Inc. actively participates in numerous local projects, including collaborations with neighboring Landcare Networks.

Currently, we are involved in several ongoing initiatives, some of which are listed here.

Funder/program: North Coast Regional Landcare Network via Landcare NSW and NSW Local Land Services’ NSW Landcare Program (2019 – 2023)
Value ex GST: $176,841
Period: 26/7/2019 – 30/6/2023


Rosy futures: Mitigating threats and supporting climate change adaptation of Rosewood Mistletoe in Lowland Subtropical Rainforest at Alstonville
Funder: NSW Environmental Trust
Value ex GST: $915,000
Period: 1/11/2022 – 31/10/2025

Funder: Rous County Council
Oct 2021 – 30 June 2022

Lismore City Council
3/8/2021 – 30/6/2022


Emergency assessment and remediation of landslips on Land for Wildlife properties – Flood Relief Funds
WWF Australia
2/6/2022 – 2/6/2023

Funder/program: North Coast Local Land Services via the Marine Estate Management Strategy
31/1/2022 – 20/12/2022

Inspiring Australia. Tim Low will lead an informal chat about the role of science
4 May 2023

Lismore City Council
11 March 2023

Community Environment Network
1/1/2023 – 31/12/2023

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Recent Projects

Although these projects have been successfully completed, there are still ongoing issues that we are actively seeking funding to address, in order to further enhance our work in these areas.

Restoring the Nightcap Connector Rainforests
Funder/program: Landcare Australia via the Landcare-Led Bushfire Recovery Program
Value ex GST: $236,923
Period: 9/8/2021 – 31/7/2022

Funder: Border Ranges Richmond Valley Landcare via WWF Australia
Value ex GST: $132,500
30/9/2021 – 30/9/2022

Funder/program: Lismore City Council via the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources’ Bushfire Recovery for Wildlife and Habitat Community Grants Program
01/4/2021 – 30/6/2022

W3 Stakeholder Partnerships
North Coast Local Land Services 
Value ex GST: $

North Coast Regional Landcare Network via Landcare Australia’s Landcare-Led Bushfire Recovery Program
Value ex GST: $34,500
23/8/2021 – 30/6/2022

Funder: Rous County Council
Oct 2021 – 30/6/2022​

Northern Rivers Community Foundation
Value: $10,000
Period: 6/4/2022 – 6/7/2022

Northern Rivers Community Foundation

Community Environment Network
1/1/2022 – 31/12/2022

Northern Rivers Fire & Biodiversity Consortium

NSW Landcare Program 2019-23

Richmond Landcare is proud to host a Local Landcare Coordinator, Emily Headlam, who is funded under the 2019-2023 NSW Landcare Program.
In partnership with Local Land Services and Landcare NSW, this program invests in local initiatives, enabling people to tackle community challenges and achieve positive outcomes across the region. Emily works flexibly, two days a week, and you can easily reach her by contacting us.

Landcare Support

Lismore City Council

Richmond Landcare Inc is working in partnership with Lismore City Council to deliver the Urban Landcare Program.

This program provides support services to local Landcare groups within the Lismore Local Government Area and supports the delivery of the Lismore Biodiversity Management Strategy 2015-35.

Land for Wildlife

Land for Wildlife is a voluntary registration scheme that encourages landholders in the Lismore and Ballina local government areas to prioritize nature conservation on their property. Administered by Richmond Landcare, the scheme assists landholders in managing areas of wildlife habitat alongside other land management objectives.

Joining the program is free and does not change the legal status of a property. By registering, landholders demonstrate their commitment to provide and maintain at least half a hectare of their property for wildlife. The process is simple and does not involve any covenants or binding agreements.

Once an expression of interest is submitted, one of the scheme’s voluntary assessors will visit the property to progress the application to the next stage. This initial assessment is free of charge.


Richmond Landcare is also available to send a team member to community group meetings to provide further information and answer any questions about the program.


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