On 30 May 2024 40 landholders, farmers and industry experts come together in the Scrub to Stream field day, exploring and and learning from a large restoration project regenerating Big Scrub Rainforest. We had a beautiful tour of the restored sites led by bush regenerator Jesse, demonstrating how success comes from continued and dedicated efforts in assisted natural regen and camphor conversion. Aquatic ecologist Brendan Cox spoke to the crucial role of waterbugs and how we can use them to monitor the quality of our waterways, and Kevin Glencross drew our attention to the often overlooked, yet vitally important thing lurking beneath our feet, the soil.

The panel discussion with Landcarers and industry experts sparked curious and in depth discussions about the big questions of how and why we do this environmental work. There are many dedicated landholders, landcarers and workers on the ground doing their bit to provide something better for our future generations. When we come together and learn from each other we truly have the potential to scale up our efforts. 

Thank you to our panelists Jesse Vandenbosch, Dot and Glenn from Boatharbour Landcare, Brendan Cox, Genevieve Maley (LLS), Tom Wolff (ROUS) and Kevin Glencross, and of course the landholder for kindly hosting us.

This field day was made possible through funding from the NSW Government under the Marine Estate Management Strategy, a ten-year initiative aimed at coordinating the management of the marine estate in New South Wales.

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