WWF funding for Koala focused Land for Wildlife assessments

This project, developed in partnership with the Border Ranges Richmond Valley Landcare Network (BRRVLN), aims to utilize WWF koala funding to increase access to private properties with potential koala habitat. As the primary delivery organization for the Land for Wildlife program, Landcare seeks to identify and assess properties with high-quality koala habitat that can apply for small grants for bush regeneration and revegetation. To this end, both RLI and BRRVLN are undertaking similar projects to conduct Land for Wildlife assessments using WWF funds.

The project will include SAT surveys to be completed before on-ground restoration works begin for identified properties with high-quality koala habitat. Two landholder workshops will also be conducted as part of the project. The ultimate goal is to improve the quality and quantity of koala habitat by supporting private landholders in implementing effective land management practices that promote biodiversity conservation.


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