Nature-Based Solutions: Building Resilience in the Lismore Catchment

Building Flood Resilience in the Lismore Catchment

Project Overview

Nature-Based Solutions: Building Resilience in the Lismore Catchment is an innovative and long-term initiative aimed at utilizing nature-based solutions to mitigate flood and erosion risks in the Lismore catchment. By implementing measures that protect, restore, and emulate the natural functions of catchments, floodplains, and rivers, our project seeks to reduce the impact of natural disasters and enhance the resilience of the area. We aim to safeguard the social, cultural, ecological, and agricultural assets of the Lismore catchment.


  • Enhance understanding: Our project focuses on raising awareness of the influence of land use choices in feeder catchments on flood impacts, both on built environments and natural systems. We aim to educate and inform stakeholders about the significant role of restoring native plant communities, particularly at a strategic scale, in minimizing flood impacts.
  • Environmental restoration responses: By providing a range of environmental restoration responses to flooding risks, we aim to offer the most effective flood risk minimization strategy for downstream communities.
  • Foster resilience and preparedness: Through close collaboration with various stakeholders, our project seeks to build resilience and preparedness by investing in and mobilizing social capital and networks within the community.


The Nature-Based Solutions: Building Resilience in the Lismore Catchment project offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Financial advantages: By desynchronizing and slowing water flow, our project aims to reduce the peak of floods in Lismore, resulting in significant financial benefits for the area.
  • Environmental health improvement: Through the restoration of the nationally recognized threatened community of subtropical lowland rainforest on the floodplain, our project contributes to the growth of this community and its associated biodiversity, river health, soil conservation, and carbon sequestration.

Partnerships and Collaboration

Our project fosters grassroots collaboration among volunteer groups, First Nations communities, academic institutions, local businesses, local landholders, and government organizations. This collaboration enhances social capital by promoting skills development, building relationships, and encouraging new ways of thinking.

Project Duration and Contact Information

The Nature-Based Solutions: Building Resilience in the Lismore Catchment project will be active from October 2023 to 30 June 2026. For more information or inquiries, please feel free to reach out to Louissa Rogers, Project Manager, Richmond Landcare,

This project has been assisted by the Australian and NSW Government through its Disaster ready Fund.

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