Koala Connect: Habitat Restoration & Connectivity Project Launches to Safeguard Koala Population in the Northin Rivers

In response to the alarming decline in koala populations across New South Wales, Richmond Landcare proudly announces the launch of the Koala Connect: Habitat Restoration and Connectivity Project. The project aims to revitalise and connect koala habitats in the critical region north of Lismore, addressing the multifaceted challenges faced by these iconic marsupials.

Scheduled for a momentous kick-off on Saturday 9th March 2024, from 10 am – 1pm, the Project Launch will take place at The Channon Hall.

Ivy Young, Project Officer at Richmond Landcare said, “The launch will feature engaging presentations, discussions, and an opportunity to get involved in supporting our local koala populations.”

“It is an opportunity for the community to come together and learn how we can all better protect this much-loved endangered icon.”

Koala Connect goes beyond traditional tree-planting initiatives, focusing on enhancing the quality and connectivity of existing koala habitats. The project seeks to bolster the overall health and resilience of local koala populations, ensuring the enduring survival of this cherished species.

Key Highlights of the Koala Connect Project:

  1. Ecological Corridors: Creating vital ecological corridors to facilitate koala movement between existing habitats, promoting gene flow, and mitigating the impact of habitat fragmentation.
  2. Community Engagement: Engaging landholders in the restoration and connectivity efforts, conducting workshops, and developing partnerships with local councils, Landcare networks, and First Nations Traditional Owners.
  3. Comprehensive Restoration Plan: Conducting surveys of existing koala habitats, developing a restoration plan in collaboration with local landholders, encompassing tree planting, weed control, and targeted threat management measures.
  4. Public Awareness Campaign: Implementing a public awareness campaign through workshops, community engagement activities, and a sustained effort to involve the local community in koala conservation.
  5. Alignment with Conservation Strategies: Aligning with the objectives of the NSW Koala Strategy, the project will improve the extent, quality, and connectivity of nationally listed koala habitat, contributing to the National Recovery Plan for the Koala which aims to stop the declining trend in the population.

Come along to the project launch to learn more about koalas and what you can do to help ensure their survival. Register here for more information and to secure your place: https://events.humanitix.com/koala-connect-project-launch 

The Koala Connect project is supported by grant funding from the Australian Government under the Saving Koalas Fund.

For more information and media inquiries, please contact:

Ivy Young

Project Officer


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