Junior Landcare Grants Program

Action matters for young people

The Office of Environment and Heritage consulted with young people and representatives from over 70 environmental
and youth organisations, schools, universities and local governments to find ways to boost participation and leadership of young people in environmental activities.

Although everyone had different motivations, there was common ground amongst the group in their commitment to ‘make it easier for young people to get involved in the environment.’

Why young people are important for the environment

Young people are future leaders and are the generation who will be driving the next phase of environmental conservation.
• Young people will play an important role in making the world a better place.
• Volunteering and youth leadership have many benefits to the community and to the individuals who participate

The role of Junior Landcare

Junior Landcare help bring sustainability into classrooms across Australia to teach children how to care for their local environment. The Junior Landcare grants program offers both funding and in-kind support for schools, early childhood centres, before and after school centres and youth groups.

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