Expression of Interest in Koala Projects

Call for Landholders with Koalas

We are inviting landholders in the Lismore and Ballina Shires to participate in koala habitat restoration projects, in a bid to improve the quality and extent of koala habitat. These projects aim to help achieve the NSW Government’s ambitious target of doubling the number of koalas in the state by 2050, as outlined in the NSW Koala Strategy.

We want to be part of the solution and work together with landholders to improve koala habitat and help preserve koalas for future generations.

Koalas were listed as endangered in 2022 and are facing serious threats from habitat loss and climate change, making it crucial to significantly increase the area and quality of their habitat in order to achieve the goal of doubling their numbers.

Richmond Landcare is seeking landholders who have koalas in residence or visiting their properties to register their interest with Richmond Landcare for future funding opportunities.

By working together, we can help preserve the koala population in the Lismore and Ballina Shires and improve the quality and extent of their habitat, which will in turn benefit a range of other native flora and fauna in the region.

Participating landholders will make a valuable contribution to the preservation of the koala population in the region. By registering their interest, landholders will have the opportunity to receive assistance and support from Richmond Landcare to identify what they need help with to preserve koalas into the future.

To register your interest and join the koala habitat restoration projects, please contact Kath at Richmond Landcare on with your name, location, and contact details.

Let’s work together to help preserve and increase the koala population in the Lismore and Ballina Shires.

Expression of Interest

If you are interesting in participating in this project please complete this Expression of Interest form.

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