Environmental Impacts of the 2022 Flood Disaster on the Richmond River Catchment

Impacts Unveiled in a New Video

Richmond Landcare, Border Ranges, Richmond Valley Landcare Network, and Department of Planning and Environment Join Forces to Highlight the Ecological Consequences of the Devastating 2022 Floods

Richmond Landcare, in collaboration with Border Ranges, Richmond Valley Landcare Network, and the Department of Planning and Environment, is proud to announce the release of a compelling video documenting the “Environmental Impacts of the 2022 Flood Disaster on the Richmond River Catchment.” This video, which aims to raise awareness and promote sustainable land management, showcases the devastating ecological consequences of the 2022 floods in the region.

The floods of 2022 wreaked havoc on the Richmond River Catchment, leaving behind a trail of destruction that affected both communities and the environment. In response to this significant event the Department of Planning and Environment initiated and funded the collection and collation   of invaluable footage. With the support of Richmond Landcare and Border Ranges, Richmond Valley Landcare Network this culminated in a comprehensive visual representation of the aftermath.

The primary objective of this video is to make the collected footage available for the wider public, providing a valuable tool for landholders to analyse the landscape, understand the triggers for erosion and landslides, and comprehend the contributing factors to land loss. By gaining this knowledge, landholders will be better equipped to implement effective mitigation strategies.

Richmond Landcare recognizes the benefits of building a strong member base comprising individuals who are passionately invested in bolstering the health of the Richmond River Catchment. With a focus on projects contributing to riparian restoration and their recent accolade of the Nature-Based Solutions project, that will work in the upper Wilsons River catchment, they are actively striving towards developing environmental solutions that can withstand and mitigate the impacts of future floods in the region.

“We are excited to release this significant video, as it sheds light on the profound environmental cost of flooding in our beloved region,” said Shaun Eastment, Chair of Richmond Landcare. “Through this powerful resource, we hope to foster a greater understanding of the environmental consequences of flooding and engage our community in developing innovative land restoration techniques that can endure and resist these severe floods.”

Richmond Landcare encourages everyone to watch and share this compelling imagery to raise awareness about the environmental implications of natural disasters and inspire collective action for the protection and restoration of our precious natural resources.

For more information about the video and Richmond Landcare’s initiatives, please visit www.richmondlandcare.org/environmental-impacts-of-the-2022-flood-disaster/

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