Property Assessment Project

The Emigrant Creek Landcare project aims to enhance land management practices across various aspects such as biosecurity, vegetation management, and nutrient runoff. By doing so, the habitat values and in-stream health of Emigrant Creek and ultimately the Richmond River will improve.

Currently, a number of Local Land Services (LLS) projects are already underway to work with Macadamia growers in the area to mitigate diffuse pollutants. The catchment has been identified as a priority for the NSW Marine Estate Management Strategy. Collaborating with non-production landholders within the catchment area can further improve the in-stream health of these waterways.

However, these landholders are often small and may not have the resources or knowledge to manage NRM issues on their properties. To address this, the project will engage with these landholders through a collaborative workshop and provide property assessments and advice from Landcare. This approach will empower local landholders to better understand the NRM issues around them and implement best practices.


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