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Rosewood Mistletoe flower

Is the Rare Rosewood Mistletoe Hiding in your Backyard?

As the vibrant colours of spring blossom around us, Richmond Landcare is reaching out to the community with an urgent plea: investigate your backyard and help us uncover the rare and endangered Rosewood Mistletoe – Amyema plicatula.

This unique mistletoe, with its eye-catching red to pink, bird-attracting flowers, is currently in bloom, making it the perfect time for landholders to check their rosewood or hairy rosewood trees for this distinctive species of mistletoe. Bright pink fruits will follow in the summer. Often overlooked, the Rosewood Mistletoe holds a crucial ecological role, as mistletoe is considered a keystone species, contributing significantly to the health of the surrounding ecological community.

Mistletoe plays a vital role in supporting biodiversity, providing essential food for various wildlife, including birds, butterflies, and mammals. The rich nectar, fleshy leaves, and succulent fruit of the Rosewood Mistletoe are a gourmet delight for these creatures. Birds also love to nest in the dense foliage as it offers good protection from bad weather and predators.

Richmond Landcare’s project, Rosy Futures, is collaborating with landholders to conserve the Rosewood Mistletoe in the Duck Creek area. However, we are keen to determine if this endangered mistletoe extends more widely across the Richmond River Catchment than existing records indicate.

If you have observed anything resembling the Rosewood Mistletoe on your property, particularly in rosewood or hairy rosewood trees, we urge you to contact Kath at Richmond Landcare. Your contribution to this survey could be the key to preserving this remarkable species.


Richmond Landcare

Help us ensure a rosy future for the Rosewood Mistletoe—your backyard may be a haven for this endangered treasure.

The Rosy Futures project has been assisted by the NSW Government through its Environmental Trust.


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