$2.8 Million for Nature-Based Flood Mitigation in Lismore Catchment

A small team of volunteers and staff at Richmond Landcare Inc. have been successful in securing $2.8 million in disaster funding for a landmark project that aims to mitigate flooding in Lismore.

The project, “Nature-Based Solutions: Building Flood Resilience in Lismore Catchment”, marks the initial phase of a long-term initiative dedicated to protecting the Lismore Catchment against the consequences of natural disasters, with a primary focus on reducing the risk and impact of floods.

Shaun Eastment, Chair of Richmond Landcare, expressed immense gratitude for the support received from the Disaster Ready Fund, which enables significant progress in flood resilience and paves the way for a more sustainable and resilient future for the Lismore community.

Over the course of three years, the project will foster extensive collaborative partnerships, bringing together traditional owners, rural landholders, researchers, bush re-generators, government agencies, and the community at large.  This collective effort aims to bridge gaps in our understanding and lay the foundation for implementing these approaches on a larger scale.

By harnessing nature-based solutions for flood mitigation, the project seeks to restore the floodplains for future generations while safeguarding the social, cultural, ecological, and agricultural assets in the area.

According to local advocate and Landcare volunteer, Jeremy Stewart, “Slowing water down as it travels through the catchment above Lismore will lower the flood peaks as less water will arrive in Lismore at once.  

“Investing in revegetation is not only a cost-effective and efficient option but also provides a multitude of environmental benefits that positively impact the common good, even in non-flood conditions.  

“This marks a historic moment, as it is the first time in Lismore’s flood mitigation history that investment in catchment health is being linked to an investment in flood resilience.” Mr Stewart said.

By actively involving and empowering the community, the project seeks to build long-term resilience, strengthen local ecosystems, and foster a deep appreciation for the natural environment.

Janelle Saffin, State Member for Lismore, expressed satisfaction with the NSW Government’s decision to support this project, recognizing Richmond Landcare’s reputable track record in riparian restoration with landholders and farmers. “Richmond Landcare is the ideal organisation to continue that work but at scale, which will help build flood resilience in our catchment”.

Richmond Landcare is enthusiastic about commencing this crucial project and eagerly anticipates working closely with the Lismore community, local authorities, and other partners to achieve shared objectives and deliver meaningful outcomes.

Nature-based Solutions: Building Flood Resilience in Lismore Catchment is funded by the Australian Government Disaster Ready Fund, Round 1.

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